Don't let the term Sports Massage worry you - It is just that when massaging in relation to sporting activities and events there are additional considerations to make when creating a treatment plan for the client.


It makes no difference whether I see a client that has pain each time they move their shoulder, an athlete as part of their warm up routine or a client that stressed and needs to help to relax. Each tratment must have a carefully considered treatment plan that is appropriate for their needs and their current activities.


With a wide range of techniques available to me from both Sports Massage and Holistic Massage, I will often use a combination from both styles to achieve the desired effects and outcomes based on the client's requirements.

Sports Massage


As I said above, Sports Massage requires additional consideration when relating to sporting activities. It is, however, suitable for all no matter your age, gender or physical ability. Obviously some methods and techniques may be suitible for some clients but not others. Each client and their needs and limitations will be different!


Sports Massage comprises a wide variety of techniques that will help restore your muscular system back to a good working condition. It often utilises deep tissue techniques for which I am trained and experienced to apply safely and apropriately.


There are many reasons why a client may want/need a sports massage and these include Aches and Pains, Injury management, improvements to Range of motion (ROM) to help them perform sporting activities better, to keep the body in a good working condition, to correct poor posture etc. Of course not forgetting to prepare for or recover from a sporting event.


The main aim of Sports Massage is to resore good muscle function and realign muscle fibres to assist in that process.  It is a complex and involved subject and too large to discuss here. Additionally there is an element of assiting to promote relaxation and recovery. This can restore good posture and reduce strain in compensatory areas of the body.


The more we experience pain and discomfort (or even reaching limitations) the more it can affect our mental state. It can cause us to feel down and depressed. It can make us angry or reculsive. The pain can cause us to have many emotional recations that are not normal for us. By addressing the cause of the problem (along with some more soothing techniques) it can help to calm the emotional responses and help return the client to a more normal state.

Holistic Massage


Holistic Massage is a far more gentile approach to massage, using mostly gentile broad strokes.


There are many benefits from Holistic Massage working on the various systems of the body. Not only the more obvious muscular and skeletal systems, but the nervous, immune, cardiovascular systems aswell. Benefits are achieved by using massage to either soothe of stimulate the nerves in each of these systems.


The Holistic style of massage can be very relaxing and is a fantastic way to combat the symptoms of stress, depression and anxiety.


It is widely accepted that stress can account for around 75% of illness that we experience, so by using this type of massge can help you become a more relaxed and healthy person.